Round Rattan Crossbody Bag

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Complete your summer look with our must-have round rattan crossbody bag. Perfect for soaking up the sun on the beach or dancing all night at EDM parties. 

All our round rattan bags are free shipping worldwide.

These round rattan bags are large size 20cm Diameter,7cm height,Strap Length 58cm and total length (116cm).

Every single one of these rattan bags is crafted by hand. No two bags are exactly the same, so there might be slight variations in size and color between each rattan bag.

Enhance your summer style game by adding our exquisite round rattan crossbody bag to your wardrobe. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this trendy accessory boasts a timeless and versatile design that effortlessly transitions from beach days to special occasions.

Made from durable rattan material, the bag showcases a beautifully woven pattern that adds an instant touch of boho-chic elegance. Its compact size makes it perfect for carrying your essentials while maintaining a stylish and lightweight look.

Whether you're strolling along sandy beaches or attending outdoor events, this crossbody bag will keep you on-trend and ready to shine. Its handy adjustable strap allows for comfortable wear, leaving your hands free to snap picturesque moments or socialize with ease.

The round shape adds a unique twist to the classic crossbody silhouette, making it visually striking and eye-catching. The neutral tone of the rattan complements any outfit choice, creating countless styling possibilities.

Measuring just the right size, this must-have accessory ensures you have enough room for your phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other small items without compromising style. It's the perfect way to effortlessly carry all your essentials while showcasing impeccable taste in fashion.

Don't miss out on elevating your summer ensembles with our sought-after round rattan crossbody bag. Stay true to your love for beach vibes while standing out among the crowd at any event. Upgrading your wardrobe has never been easier with this essential piece that combines fashion-forward design and practicality seamlessly! 

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