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Classic leather briefcase with locking features & inner mesh pocket. Ideal for men & women. Medium size for everyday use.

- 100% GENUINE LEATHER: Crafted with soft, durable grained genuine leather

- Handmade by Professional artisans

- Full-Grain Leather: Top layer of cowhide ensures quality

- Versatile: Goes well with both ethnic and western wear

- Slim and lightweight design

- Size: 17 inch

The classic leather briefcase is a must-have for individuals who value practicality, resilience, and fashion in their daily essentials. This meticulously crafted bag boasts a secure lock and inner mesh compartment, making it ideal for both men and women looking to add a touch of elegance to their everyday routine. Whether you're exploring city life or impressing at professional gatherings, this medium-sized briefcase effortlessly complements diverse lifestyles with its superior design and style. 

Crafted using authentic leather, this briefcase represents a blend of opulence and excellence. The smooth, flexible leather emanates sophistication while guaranteeing longevity to endure everyday wear and tear. Meticulously selected textured genuine leather contributes depth and personality to the bag, showcasing the skilled artistry woven into its making. Assembled by expert craftsmen, every stitch and seam showcases the commitment and skill poured into crafting a top-tier item. 

Crafted from the finest full-grain leather sourced from the top layer of buffalo hide, this briefcase embodies superior quality and authenticity. The natural grain and imperfections of the leather add a unique character to each piece, enhancing its charm and durability. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the full-grain leather strengthens the briefcase's structure, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty and resilience. 

Crafted for the sophisticated individual, this leather briefcase embodies a classic charm that effortlessly shifts from day to evening, from relaxed to formal occasions. Its adaptable design ensures it complements both traditional and contemporary outfits, adding a touch of refined sophistication to any look. Whether matched with a sharp suit or laid-back clothing, this briefcase enhances your fashion sense while offering exceptional practicality. 

By incorporating locking mechanisms, this briefcase guarantees the safety of your valuables, providing reassurance in bustling city settings or while on the go. Feel confident in safeguarding vital documents, electronic gadgets, and personal belongings, as this finely designed case ensures their protection. 

In addition, the inclusion of an inner mesh pocket enhances organization by providing a convenient space to neatly store and easily access essentials like keys, pens, smartphones, and charging cables. This innovative feature eliminates clutter and promotes efficiency within the briefcase's interior layout. 

Apart from its functional attributes, this leather briefcase boasts a sleek and featherweight construction that enhances ease of carrying while maintaining a generous storage capacity. With its roomy interior, it accommodates laptops, tablets, notebooks, and various necessities with ample space, establishing itself as an essential partner for professionals, students, and artists alike. 

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