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Leather wood carrier Leather log holder

Leather wood carrier Leather log holder

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Carry your logs effortlessly with this leather wood carrier. Durable and spacious, it ensures a clean and organized hearth. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, combining functionality and elegance.

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  • Leather handles and fittings riveted to handle heavy loads
  • Double-stitched leather edges for durability
  • Adjustable handle length for convenience
  • Durable cowhide leather with a heritage "better-with-age" aesthetic


  • Made of 2mm-thick cowhide leather with reinforced edges
  • Tough material prevents splinters from passing through, protecting clothes and preventing minor cuts
  • Riveted handles with two 3-4mm-thick vegetable-tanned straps, strong enough to bear a sizeable number of logs
  • Antique-colored buckles on the straps add to the tote’s rustic appearance


  • Dimensions: 43"L x 19½"W (109cmL x 50cmW)

Our leather log carrier is not just a practical tool; it's a statement of style and quality. Handcrafted from luxurious, genuine leather, this firewood tote bag is designed to handle heavy loads of logs effortlessly. The craftsmanship behind this carrier ensures it can withstand the rigors of transporting chopped firewood while adding a touch of elegance to your fireplace accessories.

Superior Material and Construction

The body of the carrier is made from 2mm-thick cowhide leather, known for its durability and strength. The reinforced edges add extra sturdiness, ensuring that the carrier can handle even the roughest and heaviest logs without tearing. The tough material also prevents splinters from passing through, protecting your clothes and hands from minor cuts.

Strong and Comfortable Handles

The riveted handles are made of two 3-4mm-thick vegetable-tanned straps, providing exceptional strength. These handles are designed to bear a sizeable number of logs, making it easy to transport your firewood in one go. The antique-colored buckles on the straps add a rustic charm, enhancing the tote's overall aesthetic appeal.

Functional and Spacious Design

With its large, single-piece, no-closure design, packing fire logs of various lengths is a breeze. Simply stack a pile of logs inside, and the carrier is ready to be transported. This fuss-free design allows for quick and efficient loading, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re carrying wood to your car, home, or campfire site, our log carrier ensures a mess-free experience by preventing wood or bark from spilling onto the floor.

Convenient Storage

When not in use, the carrier folds flat, making it easy to store without taking up much space. This feature is particularly useful for those who need a compact solution for their firewood transportation needs. Despite its practicality, the carrier does not compromise on style, making it an attractive piece of décor for your fireplace.

A Perfect Blend of Style and Function

Our leather log carrier is available in three stunning colors: Cognac, Brown, and Black. Each color option brings out the natural beauty of the leather, ensuring that it complements any home décor. The rich patina that develops over time adds character, making the carrier more beautiful with each use.

Ideal for Various Settings

Whether you’re preparing for a cozy night by the fireplace or heading out for a camping trip, our leather log carrier is the perfect companion. Its robust construction and elegant design make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The carrier is designed to handle the toughest of tasks while maintaining its sophisticated appearance.

A Thoughtful Gift

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and practical gift for a friend or loved one, our leather log carrier is an excellent choice. It combines functionality with style, making it a gift that will be appreciated and used for years to come. The high-quality leather and timeless design ensure that it will remain a cherished item.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the leather log carrier is simple and straightforward. The high-quality leather can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and occasional conditioning will keep it looking its best. The durable material ensures that the carrier can withstand the elements, making it a reliable tool for transporting firewood in any season.

Enhancing Your Hearth's Aesthetic

As a firewood holder that can be placed near the hearth, the leather log carrier serves as an attractive piece of décor for your fireplace. Its rustic yet refined appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any room. The carrier not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our leather log carrier. Each piece is meticulously inspected to ensure it meets our high standards. We are confident that our log carrier will exceed your expectations in both functionality and style. Should you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer service team is always here to assist you.

Investing in Quality

Choosing our leather log carrier means investing in a product that is built to last. The premium materials and expert craftsmanship ensure that it will withstand the test of time. Whether you’re a seasoned firewood handler or someone who enjoys the occasional fire, our carrier provides the durability and ease of use you need.

Join Our Community

By purchasing our leather log carrier, you become part of a community that values quality, style, and functionality. We invite you to share your experiences and photos with us. Connect with us on social media and see how others are using their log carriers. We love seeing our products in action and hearing from satisfied customers.

Final Thoughts

Our leather log carrier is more than just a tool for transporting firewood. It’s a blend of elegance, durability, and practicality that enhances your fireplace experience. From its handcrafted construction to its stylish design, every detail is carefully considered to provide you with the best possible product. Elevate your hearth with our luxurious leather log carrier and enjoy the perfect combination of form and function.

Invest in our leather log carrier today and experience the difference that quality craftsmanship makes. Whether for yourself or as a gift, this carrier is sure to impress and provide years of reliable service. Thank you for choosing our product, and we look forward to being a part of your cozy fireplace moments.

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