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Leather Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster Magazine Pouch

Leather Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster Magazine Pouch

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Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience with our custom-made concealed carry cowboy leather shoulder holster with magazine pouch.

Free shipping on real leather shoulder holster. 

• Made to Order.

• It takes approx seven to ten business days to complete each leather holster. 

• Available for All Models.

• Hand molded to perfectly fit your gun without needing to break in the holster.

• Soft, durable leather harness maximizes comfort.

• Sturdy thumb-break allows a smooth one-handed draw.

• Easily adjustable design lets you wear over or under any clothes.

• 8oz veg tanned leather construction for durability.

This Leather shoulder holster system is ideal for your gun, offering a lightweight design. The shoulder harness is specially designed to provide a slight amount of flexibility, allowing the straps to move with your body during regular daily activities. You can fully adjust the harness to fit your size perfectly. The pistol and mag pouch are carried by soft and pliable straps arranged in an X pattern, effectively distributing the weight across both shoulders. 

Whether you're on duty or simply looking for self-defense options in your day-to-day life, we understand your search for a 1911 shoulder holster that matches the caliber of your pistol. That's precisely why we have developed this Chest holster - a dependable and lightweight solution. Our team handcrafts each custom leather shoulder holster from only the highest-grade 8oz leather materials. Rest assured, our concealed carry shoulder holsters are offered in both black and brown variants to accommodate all models. 

We begin by selecting the finest section of the cowhide for cutting. Our leather shoulder holster 1911 is meticulously hand-dyed to achieve a deep, luxurious color that beautifully complements your firearm. Every step of our process is carefully executed - from sewing with seven-cord bonded nylon thread and double-stitching critical areas, to hand-molding each Glock 19 shoulder holster for a flawless fit and contouring it to your hip for optimal comfort. The edges are expertly sanded and hand-burnished, creating a sleek glossy finish that not only enhances aesthetics but also prevents moisture from seeping into the leather. To preserve the impeccable finish, we apply a clear coating as a protective layer. With our concealed carry designs, your firearm remains secure yet easily accessible in times of need. 

Are you in search of a personalized leather shoulder holster for your 1911? Look no more! Our top-notch leather shoulder holster is tailor-made just for you. We take pride in crafting our shoulder holsters specifically for Glock firearms, ensuring a perfect fit for your gun and body size. The soft and long-lasting hand-molded design offers exceptional comfort, while its adjustability allows for easy customization. Additionally, the inclusion of a robust thumb break guarantees enhanced security. Whether it's a concealed carry shoulder holster for your handgun or rifle, our versatile holster is the ideal choice. Don't hesitate any longer; place your order today to enjoy the benefits of this made-to-order masterpiece! 

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