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Large Genuine Leather Motorcycle Two Side Bag

Large Genuine Leather Motorcycle Two Side Bag

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Discover the perfect storage solution for your motorcycle adventures with our large genuine leather side bag. Get yours today and hit the open road in style!

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Large two motorcycle saddle bag's with centre attachment

 Material- Premium cowhide leather OR goat hide leather.

Cowhide leather offers a balance of softness and firmness, ensuring a pleasant sensation while maintaining the necessary durability for items such as bags or upholstery. This makes it an enduring option in comparison to goat hide leather, which is also of good quality but falls short of the remarkable qualities possessed by cowhide. 

Size- 9"(H) 11"(W), 4"(D)

You will receive two premium leather side bags.

Real brass metal accessories used in this bag.

Eco friendly and weather resistant.

Custom made to order and takes approx seven to ten business days.

Are you tired of strapping your belongings to your motorcycle or cramming everything into an uncomfortable backpack? Look no further! boholivingroom presents the ultimate storage solution for your motorcycle adventures - our large genuine leather side bag.

Crafted with utmost precision and meticulous attention to detail, this side bag is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional. Made from premium quality genuine leather, it exudes durability and sophistication.

With ample storage space, our side bag ensures that you can carry all your essentials effortlessly. Whether it's clothing, tools, or gadgets, there's enough room for everything you need on the road. This means no more compromises when it comes to the ultimate biking experience!

Featuring a secure mounting system, our side bag guarantees stability and peace of mind. You can trust it to stay in place even during the most exhilarating journeys on rugged terrains. Additionally, its compact design won't interfere with your riding dynamics or hinder maneuverability.

Not only does this spacious leather side bag offer functionality, but it also adds a touch of style to your motorcycle adventures. The supple leather enhances the overall aesthetics of your bike while showcasing your discerning taste for quality accessories.

Our large genuine leather side bag has been specifically designed keeping bikers' needs in mind. It offers convenience, reliability, and durability - essential qualities for any motorcyclist seeking an adventurous journey without worrying about their belongings.

So why wait? Upgrade your motorcycling experience today by getting your hands on this stunning piece of craftsmanship. Choose our large genuine leather side bag and hit the open road in style! 

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