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Handwoven Rattan Circle Bag Noosa roundie

Handwoven Rattan Circle Bag Noosa roundie

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Fall in love with our handcrafted rattan circle bags, meticulously woven by skilled artisans. Channel your inner fashionista with this must-have accessory.

All our rattan bags are free shipping worldwide.

The size is approx: 20cm Diameter 7cm height With strap Length 58cm (116cm).

100% handmade rattan summer bags by our Balinese artisans with genuine leather strap and traditional Batik prints lining.

*Handmade by artisans in Bali

*Genuine leather sling strap

*Leather clip closure 

*White cotton lining

Our Balinese artisans have crafted 100 rattan summer bags by hand, featuring a genuine leather strap and traditional Batik prints lining. Additionally, we have introduced a new design in rattan bags with a natural batik lining, made from real rattan and Ata. These bags are meticulously hand-woven in Bali, Indonesia, near the village of Lombol. We have affectionately named these round rattan bags our famous Noosa roundie. Lombol is a small village renowned for its expertise in hand-woven techniques, boasting decades of experience in creating baskets. These bags are entirely constructed from natural materials and showcase a structural weaving style reminiscent of classic indigenous basket bags, emphasizing simplicity in aesthetics. 

Crafted by professionals, these rattan and straw bags are meticulously handmade using natural materials such as rattan, ata, and premium leather. Due to their individual creation process, it is impossible to replicate identical products. We firmly believe that the inherent imperfections and blemishes add charm and uniqueness to this product, and we hope you share the same appreciation. 

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