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Grey White Patchwork Cowhide Duffle Bag

Grey White Patchwork Cowhide Duffle Bag

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Grey white patchwork cowhide duffle bag for easy travel, outing with friends, gym, or more. Ideal for your versatile lifestyle.

- Free shipping on all our hair on hide duffle bags.

- MEASURES: 20 inch X 12 inch X 10 inch

- Our cowhide duffle bags are handmade with pure natural material.



- Zipper Pocket Inside and Zip top closure on the main compartment, plus 2 zip-up end pockets

- Fully Lined INTERIOR

- Extendable shoulder strap

- Handle to Carry and strap for carrying duffle on Shoulders

- You will receive a cowhide weekender bag similar to the picture. 

- It takes approx seven business days to complete each cow skin patchwork travel bag.

Experience the ultimate in travel companionship with this exquisite duffel bag made from premium leather cowhide patchwork. Boasting a stylish blend of grey and white patches, this bag is not only visually appealing but also highly practical. It comes equipped with two handy side pockets for quick access and organization, along with a specially designed interior pocket to keep your essentials neatly arranged. The sturdy leather grab handles provide both elegance and comfort, making your journey seamless and enjoyable. Embrace convenience and style with this meticulously crafted duffel bag that caters to all your travel needs. 

Enhance your travel gear with this durable cowhide patchwork duffel bag, boasting a roomy interior and strong build. Ideal for both daily use and adventures on the go, this timeless cowhide duffel is a must-have for contemporary explorers. Crafted from authentic cowhide, it's the ultimate companion for the modern wanderer. 

Our cowhide patchwork duffel bag is both stylish and sturdy, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether you're traveling for a weekend escape or hitting the gym, this bag is the ideal companion. The modern grey and white patchwork design adds a trendy touch to your outfit, while the high-quality cowhide material gives off an air of elegance and refinement. 

With convenient side pockets for quick access to items like water bottles, keys, and snacks, this duffel bag ensures you won't have to dig around for what you need. Keep your wallet, phone, and other valuables safe and organized in the interior pocket as you travel. 

Crafted from high-grade cowhide, this cow skin duffel bag is designed to endure the challenges of travel. Its robust material guarantees the safety of your possessions during all your journeys. The reliable leather handles offer a pleasant hold for effortless carrying, and the adaptable shoulder strap adds extra convenience for hands-free transportation. 

In addition to its stylish exterior, this cow fur duffel bag boasts a spacious interior that can accommodate all of your travel essentials. From clothing and toiletries to electronics and accessories, there's ample room for everything you need for your journey. The zippered closure ensures that your belongings stay secure during transit, giving you peace of mind as you navigate through bustling airports and crowded streets.

The versatility of our cow skin patchwork duffel bag makes it a must-have for travelers of all types. Whether you're a frequent flyer or an occasional adventurer, this bag offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. Its classic design transcends trends, ensuring that it remains a timeless addition to your travel repertoire for years to come.

Invest in quality craftsmanship and timeless style with our cowhide patchwork duffel bag. From its durable construction to its sophisticated design, every aspect of this cow skin duffle bag reflects our commitment to excellence. Elevate your travel experience with a bag that's as stylish as it is practical – discover the perfect companion for your journeys with our premium cowhide duffel bag.

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