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Boho Living Room

Accent Wall Boho Wall Statement Mirror

Accent Wall Boho Wall Statement Mirror

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Transform your living room with an Ambon boho accent wall mirror. Add a touch of style and elegance to your interior decor today! 

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Material: seagrass, cotton, wood.

Color: black and beige.

Frame Size: L 29.5" x W 21.5" x D 0.7" / L 75cm x W 55cm x D 2cm

Mirror Size: L 17.3" x W 23.5" / L44 cm x W 24cm.

All our natural raw materials are sustainably sourced, and hand crafted to create our products, they can present slightly imperfections and size and color might slightly differ.

Experience the charm of this handcrafted wall mirror that exudes boho vibes with its rectangular shape and seagrass-cotton construction. Meticulously crafted by a local artisan using natural materials, this statement mirror features carefully sewn dry grass adorning its metal frame to create an exquisite wall decor piece. Its adaptability is unmatched as it effortlessly complements various home styles including coastal, boho, farmhouse, and rustic themes. Hang it horizontally for a full-length reflection or vertically to enhance your hallway or bedroom decor. Whether you're celebrating housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, Valentine's Day or anniversaries - this versatile mirror makes an exceptional gift for him or her at any time of the year. 

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