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Rattan Backpack Made In Bali Komodo Backpack

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Rattan Ata Backpack With an adjustable genuine leather strap and woven motif.

Measurement approximately 21cm Height, 24cm Length ,11cm Width.


Keep it hands-free with the Komodo rattan Backpack. The structured silhouette means plenty of room for sunbathing essentials and adjustable genuine leather strap and woven motif will make this your new go-to everyday bag.

Features of this rattan wicket bag are: 

Woven Ata

Genuine Leather Strap

Loop Closure

Traditional Motives Batik Lining 

Comes with satin dustbag cover

Like all my rattan bags this is also handmade by our Balinese artisans with genuine leather strap and traditional Batik prints lining with leather clip closure. The material is pure Ata reed, making the material strong and durable. The pieces are all " smoked "over coconut husks as part of the drying process, which adds beautiful patina and leaves the bag with a slight natural scent that disappears over time.

 Please Note: All of our bags are handmade therefore some of our bags may have slight variations in design, size, color and hardware/fastenings. This is a natural occurrence in handcrafted goods and one of the many reasons we love it! Due to the handcrafted nature, no two designs will be exactly alike giving you a lasting one-of-a-kind product to treasure for years to come.

There is a huge misconception about the quality of these straw bags, that two rattan bagpack are same in quality. Once you start browsing for these wicker bags, you will find a lot of these shoulder bags available on Amazon, aliexpress and many other websites. Most of those bags are made in Vietnam or China, the Ata, straw or rattan is fake and bad quality, the lining inside is also not great quality. Real rattan bags are only made in Bali and we work with direct artists.

Thank you very much.