Round Rattan Bag Braided Style Bali

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One of our latest edition in rattan bag braided style is must have for summer.

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Diameter : 18cm/7" X Width : 7cm/2.8" X Strap Length : 60cm/23.6"

Our round braided rattan bags are the perfect addition to your closest for summers, it matches any outfit from casual to the beach and makes you feel cosy and relaxed.

Do you know most of us used to think these straw bags are only for beaches and picnics? Real rattan bags are only made in Bali, these bags have been in their tradition for centuries, these rattan bags were used to carry simple fruits to tools but now everything has changed, you can see straw bags every day.

Usually, these round rattan bags are available in a natural tone, but you can also find coloured ones or bags with colourful or printed fabric and start to create a bright look and all come with custom batik linking. Starting off our list of the best rattan bags with a vintage braided rattan circle bag is almost mandatory. Compact and utilitarian, this unique bag exudes summertime sadness vibes through and through. Pair it either with a maxi or midi skirt and just get ready for the chicest summer-long Parisian vibes!

We also carry rattan bags wholesale.