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metallic cowhide rug and leather poufs hand in hand.

Yesterday we delivered this beautiful silver metallic cowhide rug and matching Moroccan pouffe. The duo looked perfect in a small downtown condo living room. 

All my cowhide rugs are imported from Brazil, we select over a hundred hides every few weeks. Each hide is hand-picked for the unique and exotic pattern. This metallic cowhide rug is also one of its kind. First, a pure white cow hide rug is selected, metallic acid washed in a drum, we let it dry for a day or two and then hand finished. These hides are naturally stained resistant.  Back is finished to suede. The top of the hide is natural, authentic and real very soft and smooth hairs on. These cow rug looks lovely in your boho living room and is perfect for all sorts of upholstery project. 

We ship worldwide, free all over Canada and USA. There are no customs or duties. You will receive the hide within one to five business days. 



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