Hundreds of new ways to use cowhide rug for decor

Hundreds of new ways to use cowhide rug for decor

How you can add spark to your Living Room with a cowhide rug.

Your living room is the comfort zone that lets you do both cheer and vent. A living room is not a four-walled compound made up of concrete walls and wood furniture. It is instead a sensation, a place that speaks of you for you. It gives you the freedom to live and breathe. The most important thing the living room does is: it lets you relax. It enables you to binge on your favorite movies, has some good reads while munching on your favorite snack, and enables you to take in life with no judgments. 

Every living room has a theme. It could be a rustic, vintage, or modern-themed living room. Your theme is whatever syncs more with your personality. It depends on you if you are more of a bright color or someone who likes things rustic and aesthetic. You can decorate your room according to your taste, best would be to add a cowhide rug. 

You can use some helpful tips to decorate your living rooms and add that spark to them while staying in your comfy theme. These ideas and suggestions could make your living room impressive to everyone who sets foot into it. 

Here is a guide for you to dive into your living room decoration:

1.    Stop shoving furniture 

Shoving furniture with the walls and aligned chairs is something old school now and a trend that should be laid to rest. Leaving good spaces between the walls and the furniture is the new cool. 
Make sure you leave equal space from all sides. This technique is called ‘floating’ in the modern furniture world. 

So why do we opt for the floating technique? Floating the furniture creates an illusion of a bigger living room and plus a natural Brazilian cowhide rug is the deal breaker. Also, when you have a corner and places free, you can add green plants, shelves, and lamps in them. This gives your living room a dimension. 

1.    Paint one wall a different color

A large grey white cowhide rug and painting one wall a popping color like yellow, red, or blue would make a statement in your living room. This would make it a colorful backdrop to your photos and add brightness to your living room. Shades like red and brown make the living room inviting, and greys and blacks make it look spacious. 

Off-setting one wall’s colors while the others are white makes the living room more artistic and exciting. Using light cowhide rugs, neutral colors and texture to this one wall can make the living room vibe more accentuated. 

1.    A beautiful Brazilian cowhide rug

Let your living room be big or small, and a cowhide rug can lift up its whole vibe. A big central black white cowhide rug that covers most of the furniture draws a lot of attention in the living room. It adds more focus to your living room and creates fusion and contrast with the furniture theme of the living room. 

A brown, black and white cowhide, or fur rug in the living room can add a vintage and cozy effect to a living room. At the same time, a printed and geometrical patterned rug can make the colors flowing into it. Similarly, if you place a small cowhide rug in the entryway, it can add a direction to your living room. A rug in front of a console table and the bookshelf can add more value to them. 

1.    Wall space with a meaning

Interior designers focus on wall spaces, and they are right about it! A blank wall sounds boring and doesn’t appeal to anyone. So use your wall spaces wisely. A Brazilian cowhide rug with a brightly colored wall can be adorned with small paintings, family photos, keepsake frames, and much more. 

Your wall spaces can be highlighted with mirrors and floating shelves to keep small cute stuff. Treat those walls as blank canvases and add a nice dark cowhide rug or maybe whatever you feel like to them. 

1.    Use some wood

Rustic styling, vintage entryway, a beautiful Brazilian cowhide rug and A woody look to the living room makes it look cozy and homier. You can install wood paneling, rustic wood coffee tables, side tables, bookshelves, and carved wood art pieces. 
Similarly, a chimney can be used to make your living room aesthetic and a good place for you to read poetry. 

1.    No islands

A living room is a place where the family bonds and has some chat over coffee and snacks. This means everyone needs a place to put their coffee or snack tray. This brings up the need to keep the furniture flowing with no part as the lonely island furniture. Make sure you have small nesting tables with every piece of sitting furniture to add support to it. This also makes the living room look modish. 

1.    The media unit 
What is a living room without a TV and lots of small and large Brazilian cowhide rugs? Nothing. The TV is the central point of the living room which needs attention. When there is a TV, there is a media unit to store all its accessories. 
It is not that you can randomly choose a media unit. You need to take in your living room measurements and then decide on a media unit that fits it. A too-big media unit would take up a lot of space, so be aware! A media unit is helpful in so many ways: you can place all your favorite games, a salt and pepper cowhide rug, some movies, books, essential wires, chargers, and even decoration pieces in it. 

Floating media units: Boho living room carries the best cowhide rugs from grey brindle cowhides to dark rustic patterns. The market is full of floating media units which are easier to cater to in a small living room and save up some space. A media unit is handy if you have a party or a game night at your house. 

1.    Mix and match

Do not be afraid of mixing and matching the furniture in your living room. If you have a two-seater in white color, then two mustard-colored armchairs would brighten the whole seating area up. See the mixing matching? A salt and pepper cowhide rug adds contrast and more attention to your living room and saves it from a dull monotone. 

1.    Add plants

Adding greenery in the form of artificial and natural plants is the new trend. Plants like peachy lily and mums are known for air purifiers in the living room. A plant in a corner right in front of the window and an extra large cowhide rug is the real Instagram shot. 

Floating greenery like tiny fragments of plants in some pots placed on the shelves look beautiful and pop up the place. You can also go for artificial plants if you do not want to throw all the natural plant maintenance.

1.    Choose practical fabric colors

It would be best if you calculated many things before choosing a sofa fabric, firstly if you have children in your family. They tend to make spillages now and then and real cowhide rugs are very easy to clean and maintain. Secondly, if you have a dusty kind of environment, then go for a darker colored fabric or salt and pepper cowhide rug for your sofas and throws if you have both of these scenarios. The darker shades make them durable and long-lasting. 

Consider the same thing while choosing your area rugs. You would want to select an area rug of the dark shade in the entryway as most of the dirty shoes coming from outside could ruin a light-colored rug. 

1.     A window nook

A sitting in the window area can make your space look customized. A window nook can be made more interesting with a bookshelf installed. It can serve as a small ‘me’ corner where one can sunbathe while sipping his favorite tea and read his book. So instagramatic, isn’t it?

1.    Coffee table alternatives

Your living room needs to have a focal point where every eye befalls. That focal point is a coffee table, cowhide rugs and its alternatives. Alternatives like an ottoman, C-ide table, or cluster of small tables can serve as coffee table alternatives. 

An cowhide rug and ottoman can be used as a storage box too. You can place all your favorite books and living room essentials right near you. Plus it looks fancy!

1.    Coffee table trays

Coffee table trays come in various sizes and shapes, which make them look even more beautiful. Interior designers suggest adding mirrored trays which act as a mini control center to the living room. It's both fancy and convenient as you can place your tv remotes, a small plant, and your current book read in it. 

Coffee table trays come in different materials like glass, brass, wood, and plastic. It's a minimal effort that adds to the beauty of the living room. 

1.    Fur stools

Movable cowhide rugs and stools are an excellent addition to your living room, and when you add cow fur to them, then it's fancy. Fur stools come in different colors with golden and silver brass legs. They are soft to touch and sit and can be matched with the living room theme. 

1.    Light fixture

A light fixture that goes with the theme is a must for every modern living room. A rustic-themed cowhide rug in a living room would want a brown and yellow colored fixture, while a boho-themed one would wish to a colorful light fixture. 

A light fixture can add up to a slow movie night with your loved one while the other lights are off. How romantic? You can add pom-poms, dangling tassels, and rings to the fixtures to go the extra mile.

1.    Tilted mirrors

Tilted mirrors are the life of the living rooms because of their adjustability. They look good above bookshelves. These mirrors do not need extra hammerings and stay easy on the walls. Also adding cowhide rugs with titled mirror can enhance the look of the space. 

1.    Dual-purpose Bar cart

Installing a dual-purpose bar cart is a brainer and nice dark cowhide rug. A small brass and glass mirror that has two stories can serve multipurpose. It can be your drink and decorative pieces station. It can also be a place where you put books. 

1.    Sheer curtains

Must you have seen those beautiful ladies twirling around sheer curtains in ad campaigns? The light cowhide rug and sheer curtains let the light in the living room give it more of a radiant look. They provide a brighter and lively ambiance to the room, making everyday happy chirpy. Replace the heavy fabric curtain with gauzy ones to get the aesthetic vibe. 

Your living room cowhide rug is your choice. So make sure you make the right choice and stay modern with the above tips. Happy Living-Rooming!

Cowhide rugs in modern to rustic to even most exotic interiors. 

In this series of blog, our plan is to discuss different ways new homeowners are adding cowhide rugs in their spaces. From rustic to modern to even the most exotic interiors you find Brazilian cowhide rugs. If you browse through our store you will find many different patterns of cowhides to select from, spotted grey and white to solid brindles to speckled tricolors. The light grey accent cowhides can be more subtle when used up against neutral hardwoods or light leather furnishings. The black and white cowhides are great to give your room a farmhouse touch. 

50 ways to use cowhide rug in your living room

Thinking where you should add cowhide rugs? Here are a few ideas we gathered over time. 

A cowhide rug can be a great addition to a neutral room, cowhide layering is one of our favourite looks these days, it gives a very cosy and welcoming touch. Cowhides are indeed a refreshing feel in any space. If you feel cow hides only come in dark and rustic pattern, look at the few patterns below to see our gorgeous light cowhides; layer it, upholster it or even use it for draping. 

Light grey cow skin rug for modern living room trending these days

A cowhide area rug in the modern living room: 

A lot of my clients are barbershops or boutiques with high foot traffic. Spotted or speckled cowhide area rugs are one of our best sellers, I will be adding some shots below, you can see salt and pepper black and white or just big spotty tricolour cowhide contrasting dark wooden floors. 

Large TriColor Cow Skin Rug For Decor inspired from pinterest

How do I clean these large cowhide rugs?

There are many different ways to clean hides, these are real and natural cow skin rugs, being so soft and smooth you can just take these out, shake it and all the dust will dwindle away. Once every several weeks, you can also vacuum these cow rugs. If liquid spills on these cow hides just use a wet cloth and blow dry. 

Brazilian cow hide rug in mostly grey brindle with light edges for rustic touch

Does real Cow hide rugs and pets? 

Our cowhide rugs are natural, real and hypoallergenic, these cow skin hide rugs are completely safe for kids and pets. 

We have hundreds of cowhides in stock ranging from western style to rodeo style. All these are premium Brazilian, handpicked for unique and exotic patterns. Searching for a pattern and can't find one, send me a message and I will find you one. 

Free shipping all over the USA. 



Light cowhide rugs usa for upholstery

This beautiful space was designed and staged by EmDesigns, you can send us a message if you would like to reach out to them and we will forward you the contact info. 

Boho living room cowhide rugs


sheep fur rug USA Boho living room



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