Hundreds of new ways to use cowhide rug for decor

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Cowhide rugs in modern to rustic to even most exotic interiors. 

In this series of blog, our plan is to discuss different ways new homeowners are adding cowhide rugs in their spaces. From rustic to modern to even the most exotic interiors you find Brazilian cowhide rugs. If you browse through our store you will find many different patterns of cowhides to select from, spotted grey and white to solid brindles to speckled tricolors. The light grey accent cowhides can be more subtle when used up against neutral hardwoods or light leather furnishings. The black and white cowhides are great to give your room a farmhouse touch. 

50 ways to use cowhide rug in your living room

Thinking where you should add cowhide rugs? Here are a few ideas we gathered over time. 

A cowhide rug can be a great addition to a neutral room, cowhide layering is one of our favourite looks these days, it gives a very cosy and welcoming touch. Cowhides are indeed a refreshing feel in any space. If you feel cow hides only come in dark and rustic pattern, look at the few patterns below to see our gorgeous light cowhides; layer it, upholster it or even use it for draping. 

Light grey cow skin rug for modern living room trending these days

A cowhide area rug in the modern living room: 

A lot of my clients are barbershops or boutiques with high foot traffic. Spotted or speckled cowhide area rugs are one of our best sellers, I will be adding some shots below, you can see salt and pepper black and white or just big spotty tricolour cowhide contrasting dark wooden floors. 

Large TriColor Cow Skin Rug For Decor inspired from pinterest

How do I clean these large cow hide rugs?

There are many different ways to clean hides, these are real and natural cow skin rugs, being so soft and smooth you can just take these out, shake it and all the dust will dwindle away. Once every several weeks, you can also vacuum these cow rugs. If liquid spills on these cow hides just use a wet cloth and blow dry. 

Brazilian cow hide rug in mostly grey brindle with light edges for rustic touch

Does real Cow hide rugs and pets? 

Our cowhides are natural, real and hypoallergenic, these cow skin hide rugs are completely safe for kids and pets. 

We have hundreds of cowhides in stock ranging from western style to rodeo style. All these are premium Brazilian, handpicked for unique and exotic patterns. Searching for a pattern and can't find one, send me a message and I will find you one. 

Free shipping all over the USA. 



Light cowhide rugs usa for upholstery

This beautiful space was designed and staged by EmDesigns, you can send us a message if you would like to reach out to them and we will forward you the contact info. 

Boho living room cowhide rugs


sheep fur rug USA Boho living room


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