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Cowhide Rug In Modern Living Room.

This black white cowhide rug will be a great addition to your minimalist bedroom a touch of nature mixed with modern furniture.

Sharing some gorgeous and large cowhide rug in modern living room.

One of its kind Large Cowhide Rugs and Free Shipping All Over USA.

If you have a dark floor, furniture or walls, adding a neutral cowhide rug can uplift the entire room. These days cowhides are trending everywhere whether its a minimalist or a rustic space. If you are planning to brighten up your room, a grey cowhide rug is a perfect way. A lot of my clients are also wondering about layering cowhide rug and old Persian or a shaggy rug. Yes, it a one of the most sought design inspirations these days. If you are an interior designer or homestager or a new homeowner or just planning to design your space and looking for a particular pattern or shade of the cowhide, please send me a message and I will find you one. Checkout my collection of natural grey cowhide rugs.

This cowhide rug in modern living room was shared by one of my favorite client Ruthan. This cow hide looks beautiful in this rustic style room, there are also brown and white cowhide in the other living room.
Planning an inspiration from houzz, taking your modern living room to darker or a bright level. Our cowhide rugs are genuine and authentic, these come with stunning natural marking like grey stripes on white, or speckled black blend in dark brown. You can use these real cowhide rugs on your wall, draped over your furniture, upholster your old couches. The back of these cowhides is finished to suede.

Decades of experience makes Brazilian cowhide rugs the best in the market and at you receive the actual cowhide shown, these are great for high traffic areas like barber shop  or your farmhouse. Each cowhide is inspected before importing and we make sure these are the finest and most exotic. These is no strange smell or wrinkles or hair shedding on our cowhide rugs. 

Thank you. 



Grey Cowhide RugCowhide Rug North CarolinaCowhide Rug In Modern Living Room

6 X 6 Cowhide rug Wyoming	JACKSON free shippingteal cowhide rug Cody Wyoming one of its kind handpicked for its exotic natural pattern and great for living room design ideas decor on tv wall

These inexpensive cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic and great for high traffic areas, we ship free all over Wisconsin	Dells within four business days.

Cowhide rug Port Townsend Washington are a trend in rustic spaces we also have spotted cowhide rug which can fit in nordic room ideas design decoration

Cowhide Rug Leavenworth Washington is very light brown in wooden floor, center table with coffee table, this cowhide rug price is cheap and free shipping


large white cowhide rug Chincoteague Virginia is mix of spotted grey white and can be added to hallway in your grey house during Victorian renovation process.


Cowhide rug vermont woodstock in golden metallic with back finished to suede an addition to your glam decor 1930shome kitchen cowhide rug first house.


Cowhide rug Stowe Vermont.



Cowhide rug in Modern Living Room

Your home is something close to your heart and your advocate in your absence. Your room defines your personality in terms of spectrums of taste, choice and mood. Your home is the comfort and the break from the noisy city out there. Your home is a vibe; Your vibe.

Every time you bring your friends or that special one over, your home is the one who does the most talking for yourself. When it is a first-time person who you desperately want to make a good impression on but your nervousness is taking a toll on you, then your home is what has your back. So you are wondering how your home does that? How can a lifeless place with your daily essentials do the talking for you? Well, it does. How? Through the way, you decorate your home. 

So next time you think you could just take the interior casual, remind yourself of its importance. 

The Guide for your Living Room rugs at Boho Living Room

The living room is the center of the home which means it demands the most of your attention. Every Time someone walks in your entrance, you will see the living room first. What does that mean? The living room should be appealing. Let's get started about how you can decorate your living room. 

Color contrasting

Colors speak louder than words ever will. A living room with a color combination and tones of calmness is what is recommended. When you choose a rustic theme for your living room, make sure you make it look like that. A rustic living room has certain colors and that needs to be coherent in all the things you put in it. A rustic-looking living room should have brown, grey and beige undertones. 

Adding brown sofas and brown curtains and brown rug will make it look all monotone and boring. So what makes it look lowkey classic? You add contrast to the colors remaining in the circle of the rustic theme. You can add a muted color beige sofa and complement it with a contrasting-looking black and white Brazilian cowhide rug available at Boho Living Room. This will add an accent to the living room and make it look aesthetic too. 

There is a common misconception that cowhide rugs look best on cold floors. That is false. Cowhide rugs also look beautiful on carpets. Just make sure you contrast the colors well. Like a brown carpet would need a black and white cowhide rug. Same color cowhide rug and carpet don’t appeal much. 

Places to put the rug

Stay aware of the pattern of the room you are decorating. You could work hours on the interior and make it look perfect but one wrongly angled cowhide rug could be a bummer to the whole vibe. Where to place a rug? A Brazilian cowhide rugs adds an accent to your place when placed under your coffee table or ottoman. This keeps intact and appeals to the room center. 

Another great place to place the cowhide rug is half under the sofa and the other half out of it. This makes the room look bigger and keeps the rug clean. 

A cowhide rug under the coffee table or right in front of the television is also a good place to put it. This could be utilized to have a card game night and can serve as a complement to your console table. 

When you have a big open space then a big rug can be placed half under the front legs of your sofa and the remaining in half under the front legs of the chairs in the living room. 

Sizes in accordance

Area rugs are a great alternative to wall-to-wall carpets. They have the perks that make many of us choose them. However, while buying a rug one needs to be really careful about what size they go for. 

Smaller rugs for large areas are a big no. So no size skimping! The larger the rug for your living room, the better it will look. The smaller the size, the smaller it will make your place look. 

Leave equal spaces around the rug. Like if you leave 18 inches of the floor on one side of the rug make sure you leave 18 inches on the other side too. This makes the rug centered and more appealing in your living room. 

Under the dining table

Your cowhide rug looks beautiful when placed under your dining table. We at Boho Living Room offer a lot of large rugs even in 9ft x 7ft size. This size is sufficient to cover the place under your dining room and cover most of the large living room area. Brazilian Cowhide rugs of good quality as at Boho Living Room make the feet feel warm and at home. So it feels good to have a softy touch of them while you have your family supper. Even your guests who join in for lunch or dinner can feel homey with the rug under the table. The cowhide rug under the table depicts your good taste and makes an impression to everyone who comes over. 

A beige-colored cowhide rug available at Boho Living Room goes best with a brown-colored dining table furniture. This creates a sense of color contrasting. 

High Traffic Area

If you have a big living room and have a high foot traffic area, then you should check out all the darker tones of cowhide rugs we have at Boho Living Room. The black, gray and white cowhide rugs go best for these areas. The durability and stain resistance of these rugs make them look good and keep your floor safe. 

Wall Hanging

If you have a living room with huge plain walls which are boring to look at then a Brazilian cowhide rug can help you. Who says cowhide rugs are only for floors? Cowhide rugs at Boho Living Room are beautifully designed and can be hung on the walls. These make your walls different appealing. 

Small rugs

Small cowhide rugs are very useful if you have a large living room with a lot of corners or bare areas that is not covered by the big main rug. Small and cute cowhide rugs ranging in different colors and patterns are available at Boho Living Room. We have the smallest rug in 3ft x 3ft for available. You could place a small cowhide rug in front of the window and place some floor cushions there to have a reading session or enjoy the sun.

Before a Console table 

If you have a pretty console table or center in your living room which needs more attention to look perfect then you can use a small size cowhide rug. A small-sized cowhide rug in front of a console table can draw attention to it and accentuate its beauty. 

Q and A about area rugs in a Living Room

Q. Can we place a cowhide rug over a carpet?

Well, yes! A cowhide rug over a double-layered carpet can make the place look cozier and soft to feel for your feet. You can always have a card game on the floor with some cushions thrown around when you have these cowhide rugs around. 

Q. Can I vacuum a cowhide rug?

YES, louder for the people at the back. Cowhide rugs can be vacuumed but on the lowest suction point. Vacuuming them will get the stubborn dirt particles out.

Q. Simplest way to clean a cowhide rug in your Living Room?

Multiple ways to clean a cowhide rug but the simplest one is to take the rug outside in an open area and shake it well. This will get the dirt particles to fly away from the rug. You can also get your cowhide rugs professionally cleaned yearly.

Q. How much time does a cowhide rug last in a Living Room?

The best thing about cowhide rugs at Boho Living Room is their resistance. A good investment in our range of cowhide rugs can last you a decade which is more than enough. It can even last longer if taken care of. 

Q. Do cowhide rugs need an anti/grip slip?

The cowhide rugs at Boho Living Room are of top-notch quality and do not fold in or wrinkle. These rugs do not require an anti or grip slip to adhere to the floor. They are adherent to the space you put them in.





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