Large SheepSkin Rug Made From Four Pelt 4ft x 5.5ft Natural White Ivory

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This large sheep fur is made from four pelts,

Hundred percent natural and real Icelandic sheep fur.

All our large sheepskin rugs are hundred percent natural ivory white color and no bleach is used in whiting these. We preserve the natural fur as much as possible which makes these sheep rugs very heavily soft, silky and very smooth. There is no need to put anything underneath these. 

Size of these four pelt sheep fur ranges around 4.5ft by 5.5ft. These sheepskin rugs are the perfect size to under your coffee table or in front of your living room couch or master bedroom bed. 

The fur is the most premium quality mostly New Zealand and there is no dye used in these. Fully natural and real, the sheepskin retains its natural and real ivory white shade. 

Any questions please feel free to send me a message any time.