Spotted Cowhide Rug Brazilian 90 X 82 Inches 1903

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Spotted cowhide rug hand picked from Brazil, very soft light brown and white. 

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Size of this real cowhide rug is approx 90 X 82 Inches.


All my Brazilian spotted cowhide area rugs are natural, real, hand picked and individually picked. 

This real cowhide rug is very soft and smooth short hair on and back is finished to suede and there is no need to put anything underneath it. 

Like all my cowhide rugs, this natural cowhide is one of its kind and once sold out will not be repeated. 

These large black and white cowhide rug are perfect for high traffic areas such as boho living room or your boutique. 

Each cowhide is handpicked and individually selected to make sure, it's an exotic and unique pattern. 

Any questions please feel free to let me know.