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New Cowhide Rug Spotted Tricolor 6.7ft x 6ft

New Cowhide Rug Spotted Tricolor 6.7ft x 6ft

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Transform your space with the exquisite cowhide rug spotted tricolor - a beautiful blend of brown and white for stunning ceilings to floor decor.

All our cowhide rugs are free shipping all over the USA.

You will receive the cow hide rug shown in the picture. 

The size of this real cowhide rug is approx 81 by 72 inches.

Experience the unparalleled beauty of this premium Brazilian cowhide rug. Crafted from ethically sourced cowhide, it boasts a genuine and natural appearance that is both soft and smooth to the touch. The use of chromium tanning ensures its long-lasting quality while maintaining hypoallergenic properties for your peace of mind. The back of this cow hide rug is meticulously finished to suede, eliminating any concerns about shedding or curling while also ensuring there are no unpleasant odors present. With its distinctive pattern featuring predominantly white tones complemented by black and brown spots, this one-of-a-kind piece adds elegance to any space as a floor decor or wall hanging or can be draped over your furniture for an instant touch of luxury. 

Hand-picked and individually selected, each large cowhide rug boasts a unique and exotic pattern that is sure to impress. Sourced from Brazil and treated with Chromium tanning, these hypoallergenic cow rugs are perfect for busy areas in your home and safe for pets too. Maintenance of these tricolor cowhide rugs couldn't be easier - simply vacuum occasionally to eliminate dust and loose hair. For any accidental spills on the hide, wiping it down with a wet cloth should easily do the trick. In highly humid conditions, it's advisable to expose the cowhide upholstery to sunlight once or twice monthly. With their exceptional quality, these stunning cowhide rugs will endure for years to come and are an excellent choice for upholstery projects - plus enjoy free shipping throughout the USA! 

Introducing our stunning new tricolor spotted cowhide rug, the epitome of style and luxury for your home. This exquisite cow rug showcases a beautiful blend of three contrasting colors, creating a captivating focal point in any room. Crafted from genuine cowhide, each cowhide is meticulously hand-selected to ensure the highest quality.

The tricolor design adds an exciting twist to the traditional cowhide rug, offering a unique and contemporary touch that complements modern interiors seamlessly. The natural spots on the hide add an extra element of visual interest, further enhancing its distinctive appeal.

With its versatile size, this cowhide rug can be used in various areas of your home, from living rooms and bedrooms to dining areas or even as a stylish throw over furniture. Its soft and supple texture provides indulgent comfort underfoot while also lending warmth and charm to any space it graces.

For those seeking ethical and eco-friendly options, rest assured that our tricolor spotted cow hide rugs are a byproduct of the meat industry. By repurposing hides that would otherwise go unused, you can enjoy this stunning decor piece guilt-free.

As each cow skin rug is uniquely patterned due to its natural origin, no two pieces are alike. This means you can enjoy owning a truly one-of-a-kind statement piece that reflects your personal style. Our superior craftsmanship ensures long-lasting durability, ensuring this timeless addition will adorn your home for years to come.

Elevate your interior design with our new tricolor spotted cowhide rug - an elegant fusion of style, functionality, and sustainability. Experience the exceptional quality and embrace the utmost sophistication this luxurious cowhide rug brings into your living space.

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