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Boho Living Room

Dark Gray White Cowhide Rug 7.9ft x 6.5ft

Dark Gray White Cowhide Rug 7.9ft x 6.5ft

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Dark grey cowhide rugs for chic home decor, interior styling, and home staging. Elevate your space with luxurious, versatile cowhide rugs.

This cowhide rug is free shipping all over the USA.

The size of this natural cow hide rug is approx 95 x 79 Inches. 

Our hand-finished, chromium-tanned dark gray cowhide rugs are 100% natural and real, boasting soft and smooth hairs with a suede-finished back. Ideal for any room or upholstery project, these rugs are the perfect addition to your floor. 

These cowhide rugs are ideal for adorning your wall or draping over your furniture in the living room. Many of my customers also find these cowhides useful for camping, using them as a seat or even as a makeshift blanket. 

Dark grey cowhide rugs are the perfect addition to any home looking for a touch of Western charm. These rustic and stylish cow rugs bring a unique, natural aesthetic that adds warmth to any living space. They are particularly stunning when placed under a farmhouse table, adding an element of coziness and country-inspired elegance. These are the best and most unique cowhide rugs in the USA.

The texture of these cowhide rugs is exceptionally soft and smooth, providing a comfortable surface to walk on. The dark grey color adds a modern twist to the classic cowhide pattern, making it versatile enough to complement various interior design styles.

Whether you live in a rural farmhouse or an urban apartment, these cow hide rugs can instantly elevate the ambiance of your home with their understated luxury. Their durability also makes them suitable for high-traffic areas, ensuring they remain visually appealing for years to come.

Dark grey cowhide rugs combine timeless Western appeal with contemporary style, offering homeowners a practical and aesthetic flooring solution that exudes comfort and sophistication. 

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